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Efficient Technology, Inc. strives to offer each customer with the right kind of a total SOLUTION that best suits their business needs. As the manufacturer, we have multiple forms of services available, and will come to a 1-on-1 level to understand our customer's optimal product package and service SOLUTION.

- As todayís market of the 21st Century expands, it becomes clear how important business connectivity and its correlation is with the internet. We can provide and troubleshoot an internet connection and setup involving T1 lines, DSL lines and different kinds of routers for these services, etc.

- We can then move inside this infrastructure, to the core office network. Here we can provide pre-configured workstations and servers, and will offer on-site service should it become necessary.

- Within this network and among these workstations, we offer a CCTV SOLUTION or Video Surveillance System. This would be configured with specifically desired cameras and a pre-configured Surveillance setup, be it our Basic, Pro or Premier System. We also offer StandAlone DVRís if desired rather than a Surveillance System Server.

- If needed, inside of this network, we also provide a complete Video Conferencing and/or Teleconferencing SOLUTION. This includes licensed, on-site service and setup of PRODUCTS offered through Polycom, Sony and VoiceOne.

- Along with these corporate level services, we also cater to todayís demands of the retail marketplace by offering a POS (Point of Sale) system which can provide detailed daily reports and increased monitoring for computerized cash registers. These can interface with or without our Video Surveillance System and can easily be browsed by multiple forms of event log recording. POS is a superior setup compared to older models of cash registers with their more complicated monitoring options.

- Our newest PRODUCT is a Credit Bonus Card System which functions similarly to Gift Certificates but has much more functionality. This System uses magnetic card reading and writing along with a Thermal Line Printer. Each unit can print full customer details and will have an option to function as an individual PRODUCT or uplink to a base system for full data backup and transmission.

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Depending on the specific needs of your business, any or all of these aforementioned PRODUCTS and services may be desired and come into play. Please visit our PRODUCTS center for more detail.