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While understanding the demands of today's market and needs for security and seamless networking, we offer a variety of PRODUCTS and SOLUTIONS along with an excellent customer service staff who are always trying to find new ways of approaching the changing needs and desires of our customers.

Efficient Technology, Inc. is headlining a Digital Video Security & Surveillance System and is continually working to stay ahead of the improving video compression algorithms of today thus offering the best possible streaming video through the internet. We have currently manufactured a compression rate of approximately 2kb-4kb per frame of video footage and still retain superior picture fidelity compared to other leading DVRís.

We are authorized and certified providers of the Polycom/Sony Video-Conferencing systems for large and small business' connectivity and communications.

We can set up and configure an office network of computers with or without an internet connection, and have vast experience with most major brands of hardware from the growing list of Internet Services Providers.

Whatever the need would be, we strive to offer a total SOLUTION and consultation for each individual customer's small or large business needs.

The service representatives and consultants at Efficient Technology, Inc. are always willing to field any questions with a friendly smile and practical advice. We desire to provide our clients with a complete and satisfactory experience, and will work with them at a 1-on-1 basis to help fully meet their goals.

If you should at any time have any comments or concerns, please feel free to contact us at 847-439-6526 by phone, or email us at sales@efficientusa.com .